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soy and breast health - Electro bdsm and breast bondage of enslaved Emily Sharpe

Apr 08,  · Isoflavones, which are found in soy, are plant estrogens. High levels of estrogen have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. However, food sources of soy don't contain high enough levels of isoflavones to increase the risk of breast cancer. Women take soy by mouth for breast pain, preventing hot flashes after breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), disorders of the ovary such as polycystic ovary syndrome, and migraine headaches during menstruation. Soy is used as a milk substitute in infant feeding formulas, and as an alternative to cow’s milk.

The research on soy and breast health has looked at soy foods, not dietary supplements. If you require extra calories during cancer treatment from a medical food supplement, the soy protein in this type of product is not a problem. However, soy pills and isoflavone-enriched powders should be avoided. Aug 16,  · One review of evidence into soya’s effect on breast cancer risk found that studies that adjusted for body mass index (BMI), a common marker of health, showed a weaker association for soya than.

Apr 12,  · Since male transgender patients take estrogens to stimulate breast growth, it has been assumed that soy might have the same effect. This appears to be a myth, or at least is not supported in the.