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Breast Cancer Research and Treatment | Home. Breast Cancer Research Results Early Detection of Breast Cancer Breast cancer is one of a few cancers for which an effective screening test, mammography, is available. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have found new evidence about the positive role of androgens in breast cancer treatment with immediate implications for women with estrogen receptor . Researchers have used modified stem cells to deliver a cancer drug selectively to metastatic breast cancer tumors in mice. The stem cells target metastatic tumors by homing in on the stiff environment .

Several studies are looking at the effect of exercise, weight gain or loss, and diet on risk. Studies on the best use of genetic testing for breast cancer mutations continue. Scientists are exploring how common gene variations (small changes in genes that are not as significant as mutations) may affect breast cancer . Aug 20,  · NIEHS plays a leadership role in funding and conducting studies on the ways in which environmental exposures increase breast cancer risk. This research seeks to understand the role of .