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The completion parotidectomy was done with retrograde dissection of the facial nerve (following the previously identified lower division) back to the main trunk followed by antegrade dissection with follow-up several months later after irradiation (click image to open gallery of enlarged images below). The facial nerve controls your ability to close your eyes, raise your eyebrows, and smile. Preserving the facial nerve is an important priority when removing a parotid gland tumor. The facial nerve is typically identified and protected during a parotidectomy.

Parotidectomy & Facial Nerve Dissection Advertisement Parotidectomy: The parotid gland is located in front and below of the ear. It is the largest of the major salivary glands. Tumors may arise in this gland at any age. They are rare in children, but when they occur over 50% are cancers. In the adult, 90% are benign (non-cancerous growths). Feb 25,  · The facial nerve is within the substance of the gland and divides into its various branches inside the gland. A simple excision of a parotid mass is not possible without damaging or cutting .

Sep 24,  · There are 2 lobes to the parotid gland, superficial and deep lobe, if they stated superficial it is the lateral lobe and they did a partial parotidectomy with facial nerve dissection (they preserved the nerves) and therefore you would bill You cannot bill for D/C, this surgery has a 90 day global.