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dick gregory and manganese - Skank Bitch Takes Two Big Black Nasty black Dicks! By: FTW88

Prince, Dick Gregory on Chemtrails & Manganese on Jul 07,  · Gregory did not cite the source for his allegation that malt liquor manufacturers include manganese as an ingredient. As Cybercast News Service previously reported, Gregory is known for having strong opinions and expressing them freely.

Nice crackpot anti-white conspiracy theory from Dick Manganese Gregory. All the malt liquor does is keep them somewhat dazed and oblivious. If anything, it ensures some measure of urban tranquility. The skinny on manganese is that you need it for proper formation of bone and cartilage. Citing an FBI file by Roger Masters of Dartmouth College — whose study found that criminal activity is higher in areas with high lead and manganese pollution — Gregory charged that “polluted water can cause brain damage that turns ordinary people into violent criminals.” He alleged that the racist system exploits this issue.

May 26,  · Reality: He was talking about a fringe version of the chemtrail theory, invented by Dick Gregory, where "chemtrails" are "Manganese" being sprayed to make black people fight each other to keep them subjugated. Jan 31,  · Prince, Dick Gregory on Chemtrails Manganese YouTube1 (start at ). Dick Gregory talks about White breweries targeting Black neighborhoods with Malt Liquor (high in manganese), which causes madness and violence against one another.

Sep 30,  · Dick Gregory ’s had a long, rich and strange life as an entertainer and activist. I hadn’t heard of him before I started talking with Andre Gaines, a film producer and lifelong Dick Gregory Missing: manganese.