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macrophilia transformation cunt - Monika at fetish transformation

Macrophilia is a very particular paraphilia, since the object of desire of people who feel this sexual attraction is nonexistent in reality. In this way, a person with macrophilia does not have the possibility of putting their sexual fantasies into practice, limited to fantasize with an interaction with these beings and / or masturbatory practices. The latest tweets from @Macrophilia_Boy.

Macrophilia — more commonly known as the "giantess fetish" — falls into this category. In most cases, macrophilia takes the form of heterosexual men being turned on . Videos with giant guys, some of them are sexy.

Transformation fetishes are extremely common and can be sub sectioned into a plethora of interests. Growth is one of these transformation interests and is directly rated to macrophile. Whereas all macrophiles ar not necessarily interested in growth, it's almost impossible for a person interested in growth to not end up a giant. Macrophilia is the desire to used by a giant and Microphilia the need to be small. Of course these could be the same thing depending on how you look at it. If you were small than you would be worshipping a giant, but the giant would actually be normal size. From looking on the web the whole fetish seems to be more about straight men wanting to.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Macrophilia Babes There are guys who find their way back into the eternal womb by following the strictures of their dominatrix, that mother figure smelling of breast milk and discipline. They clean her floors and bend to have their bums warmed. In rubber suits with skull masks and zipped mouths, they become babies again.

"1 inch tall" (1 inch tall) Rating: 13+ Moderator: WritingFan Current Size: chapters (May 11th,) Official Information: Your name is Brad, a popular teen at your high home with your mom and 16 year old sister, Cindy, when you hear a noise upstairs in your room. Community Forums: A popular Macro furry forum run by Cheator, Heartwing, HellBender and Xipher. Lots of good stuff here art, stories, chat, etc. Check it out.