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Nutrition Strength Pure Bovine Colostrum for Dogs Supplement, Rich in Antibodies to Protect Against Disease, Support for Immune Function, Digestive System, Chewable Tablets out of 5 stars $$($/Count) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Aug 29,  · Colostrum’s essential function is to assist its recipient’s immune system to stabilize and reinforce, regardless of whether it is a baby or an adult dog. In addition, colostrum includes high concentrations of proteins, enzymes, immune and growth factors, and other useful substances that are vital to boost the dog’s immune system.

May 10,  · Colostrum can offer the same benefits to adult animals too. Colostrum And Your Dog’s Allergies Allergies are a sign your dog’s immune system is struggling to regulate itself. When your dog’s immune system is out of whack, it can react to substances (like fleas, food or grass) that it shouldn’t. Colostrum is the antibody-rich fluid produced from the mother’s mammary glands during the first few days after birth. Colostrum also provides several important growth hormones and other compounds such as lactoferrin for the newborns.

Jan 18,  · Bovine colostrum can be useful in treating upper respiratory tract infections in dogs. The lactoferrin present in colostrum can fight viruses like canine herpes viruses and feline calicivirus. Colostrum also provides a robust antibody response in . Oct 25,  · More recent research shows that colostrum is one of the most important nutritional supplements available for enhancing and helping in tissue repair. And the benefits of bovine colostrum for dogs are very impressive.

You can add Colostrum directly to your dog’s food but it’s best given at least 20 minutes before meals for better absorption. You can mix it with a small amount of spring water, organic kefir or plain yogurt. Since it’s a part of “Mother’s Milk”, most dogs are happy to eat it and enjoy the flavor. The Dogs Naturally Promise. Immune Support for Dogs The use of bovine colostrum as a supplement goes back thousands of years to Ayurvedic medicine. Colostrum contains over 90 immune factors, including the naturally occurring immunoglobulins IgG and IgA. It provides over 70 different growth factors for cellular support.