Agreeable bawdy cleft worshipping - cleft palate repair in adults


cleft palate repair in adults - Agreeable bawdy cleft worshipping

Adults who have had corrective cleft lip/palate surgery as children often continue to experience speech, dental, or appearance-related complications or concerns. Around half of all children with a cleft palate will need some form of speech and language therapy, but some adults with a cleft will have had very little or no speech therapy, or issues with their palate repair may mean their speech is still unclear.

Repair of cleft palate in the adult population is controversial. We present a case of a year-old woman who underwent secondary cleft palate repair. The patient was born with a cleft palate and a Author: Nicholas Haydon, Harriet Semple, Melissa Parkin, Michael Taplin, Catherine Boorer, Kevin Ho.