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The Siberian, or Amur, tiger (P. tigris altaica) is the largest, measuring up to 4 metres (13 feet) in total length and weighing up to kg ( pounds). The Indian, or Bengal, tiger (P. tigris tigris) is the most numerous and accounts for about half of the total tiger population. Mar 13,  · An adult tiger can grow as long as 13 feet (4m) and weigh up to pounds (kgs). The females are usually smaller than the males. The size of a tiger depends on the subspecies and the geographical location of its habitat. The northern subspecies tend to be larger than those in the south.

Bengal Tiger Characteristics An average male Bengal tigers weigh around pounds. The Bengal tiger has a body length of 6 feet and a tail length of 3 feet and therefore has a total length of 9 feet long. A female Bengal tiger is only pounds and 8 feet long including tail. Apr 21,  · The average weight of an adult male Siberian tiger is about to kg i.e. to pounds. The average weight of an adult female Siberian tiger is .

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