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People in New Jersey with Asperger's often have difficulties with social skills. They might also have problems with motor regulation. However, unlike many with autism, their language and cognitive. Autism New Jersey’s online referral database includes a list of agencies that are DDD/Medicaid–approved to provide support coordination. Support Coordination Agencies are categorized under Adult Services, and the list of agencies can be narrowed down by the counties they serve.

May 29,  · People with Asperger’s syndrome tend to be higher functioning than other individuals on the autism spectrum. Aspergers in adults is typically seen as an individual with an above average intellectual ability paired with severely inadequate social skills and often an all-absorbing, obsessive interest in particular topics. Asperger’s people do show and feel remorse whereas people with APD do not. Bipolar Disorder. People with Bipolar Disorder (BD) have distinct ups and downs in their mood. At one point, they will have extreme energy, be unusually happy, energetic, talkative, feel wonderful about themselves and “on top of the world, have little need for sleep.

Apr 23,  · Aspergers Support Groups New Jersey - Asperger’s Adult Support Group, National Institute for People with Disabilities of New Jersey YAI Network. Program participants will meet 2x’s weekly for a total of 5 hours (includes time for lunch) each day and will be provided one-on-one support when necessary. Major emphasis will be to develop social and behavioral skills for developing . Easterseals works with adults with ASD across the lifespan, encouraging them to find meaningful employment and live independent lives after leaving the school system. Finding a Job. For adults with ASD, finding a job is a critical first step toward self-determination and financial independence.

The AANE Adult Services team is here to help you feel connected, understood, and empowered. Learning, community building, and problem solving for individuals with Asperger Syndrome (Asperger's), Autism / ASD, and similar profiles who are over 18 and post-high school. Welcome to the Adult Services section of the website. It is divided into 4 sections: autism and employment, housing and community living, postsecondary education, and Adult Services Grants. Resources and Services for Adults with Autism.

Aspie Adults & Anger Problems. Aspie adults’ anger issues often carry over from their childhood or teenage years. It is an integral part of the syndrome and may be exacerbated by circumstances and frustration. Here are some of the ways that controlling anger may become apparent in Asperger’s adults.