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Feb 27,  · This post will cover 5 popular virtual reality worlds as well as 5 popular online virtual worlds: Top Virtual Reality World for Adults. Since virtual reality has come on to the scene, many have fallen in love with the social aspects of it. You can now meet and interact with people online while immersed in a 3D universe. May 05,  · No prizes for guessing that Second Life is the number one virtual world. This virtual world has risen rapidly up the rankings to reach the number 1 spot. What many of these games have in common is social interaction, role playing (RPG), games and the ability to buy and sell virtual products.

Apr 08,  · Chathouse 3D is an adult-oriented virtual world – a multiplayer online virtual sex game environment – that makes use of the Oculus Rift’s VR capabilities to simulate real-life erotic experiences. It features uncensored adult-themed chats and a 3D environment that lets its users to experience cybersex within a virtual context. May 05,  · The one main difference is where there is ‘adult content’. There are virtual worlds where adult material is used which if you are a parent, will not want your children to access. But we recognise that it is difficult to stop them from doing so.

Adult VR Worlds 3 Comments High Fidelity's virtual world allows its users to play games as it was intended in real life. Photo: High Fidelity (Last updated July 23, with more VR worlds added.). Mar 13,  · Pierre Pita Technology Virtual Worlds Virtual worlds are massive places online where people can meet, interact, have fun, compete, chat, relax, or all of them at the same time in a VR environment. The Complete List of Virtual Worlds This is the full and completely updated list of all virtual reality worlds currently available.

Aug 25,  · Top 10 Virtual Reality Games For Adults. Category: Games. Top 10 Virtual Reality Games For Adults. Illusion describes VR Kanojo as a virtual reality girlfriend experience and it is their first game which has made it into international market as it has been green lit by Steam since October In this game,players play from a future. May 30,  · The immersive world of virtual reality sex From swinger parties to hardcore orgies, the immersive world of virtual reality sex is upon us, and it’s taken porn to a whole other level.

Sep 12,  · San Francisco-based tech company Virtual Mate has launched its VirtualMate system - the world’s first virtual intimacy system. WATCH: This virtual reality sex .