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Victorian Garments for Gentlemen. For men, high-waisted pants paired with a dress shirt, vest, cravat tie, top hat, and boots were to give them a finer look as that of a gentleman, a morning coat, gloves, spats and pocket watch was added to the dress. Feb 22,  · In the Victorian era, many saw marriage as an economic arrangement from which the families of both the bride and groom — though often the groom — would benefit. And typically, an event known as The Season precipitated all the upper-crust matches that would lead to these Abby Norman.

Sep 25,  · Author and TV producer Deborah Cadbury discusses her new book Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking, which reveals how the 19th-century British monarch sought to influence the future of Europe through the marriages of her descendants. Mar 08,  · Match factory worker with ‘phossy jaw’. Public Domain With good oral care and dentistry, regular checks and antibiotic therapy, the risk is relatively low and treatment less Catherine Best.

Victorian Eroticism and Sexuality *warning contains adult material. Posted on November 6, May 2, by Kim Seabrook. The popular image of the Victorians is one of straight-laced prudery. A society obsessed with sex as the unspoken vice, an evil that debased the individual, corrupted his soul, and weakened the public morality.