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Tea Party Games for Adults. Hosting an adult tea party is a refreshing way to entertain friends. The following games will help your guests enjoy the party. Just make sure you leave some time for relaxing conversation over your cups of tea. Name the Tea. Use saucers or demitasse cups for this fun tea party game. Provide each guest with a pencil. May 27,  · May 27, - Why not add an element of good old-fashioned fun to your event with these six tea party games for adults?.. Article from Six Tea Party Games for Adults. Adults love tea party games, too! #party #games #ideas #plumdeluxe. Article by .

Aug 30,  · Tea parties conjure images of ladies in lovely Victorian garb, sitting at lace-covered tables, sipping from fine china. Of course, tea parties today need not be so formal and games for adult tea parties can make them more casual. Tea party games . Aug 30,  · Board games, croquet, cards and badminton are fine ideas for a ladies' tea party, but you can also plan some games they may have never played before. Award simple prizes like mugs, specialty tea packets or chocolates. Video of the Day Volume 0%.

Along with purchasing several flavors of teas and making some finger foods, organize some games to help make your guests feel at ease and keep the conversation rolling. Board games, croquet, cards and badminton are fine ideas for a ladies' tea party, but you can . Playing games based on your theme, listening to appropriate music or just having a few theme-related questions in mind to ask everyone will complement any adult tea party. Invitations Once you decide on a theme, you can set the stage for your tea party with the invitations.

Jan 14,  · Scavenger hunts make great tea party games for adults and kids alike. When playing online, lightning scavenger hunts tend to work better than traditional hunts, since the quick nature of the game holds players’ attention more effectively. These adult games are perfect for any gathering and it doesn’t matter if it’s a group of couples or not. Adult Party Game Ideas. We’ve literally played each of these multiple times and they still make us laugh every time! Adult Board Games Ideas – Every time we get together for a game night with our friends, we always try out a new.