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Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec Slow Pitch Softball Rules Current A.S.A. slow pitch rules will be enforced unless exceptions are noted: 1. GENERAL A. Forfeit time has been established as game time. Teams should report to the Intramural Sports Staff Assistant a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game to fill out the scoreFile Size: 75KB. Jun 28,  · Softball Rules OBJECT OF THE GAME To score more runs than the opposing team. The team with the most runs at the end of thegame wins. MAJOR DIFFERENCES FROM BASEBALL Photo: The OdysseyThe PitchAlthough Baseball and Softball seem very similar there are some important differences; In Softball, the pitch is delivered underhand, the ball is larger, the field is smaller, and .

CO-ED SOFTBALL RULES AND REGULATIONS Field of Play The field of play will be a regulation softball field. The bases will be approximately 60 feet apart. Regulation Game All games will last a total of seven innings or sixty minutes, whichever comes first. A game isFile Size: KB. Rule Interpretations Rule Interpretations - Definitions of basic terms used in softball, such as batter, fielders, base runners, infield fly, etc. will be generally the same as defined in other major softball File Size: KB.

A. 65 or 70 foot baselines shall be used in all adult programs. Exception: Special playing rules may be adopted by the USSSA Board of Directors in selected Men’s Major, “AA” and “A” events. ndExample: To figure the distance from home plate to 2 base for 70 foot bases you multiply 70x70x2 which equals and then the square root of Men's ASA Slow-Pitch Softball Rules. Players of almost any age, from young children to senior citizens, can play slow-pitch softball, and many play in leagues or tournaments governed by Amateur Softball Association of America rules. With a few exceptions -- most notably the pitching technique -- .

For a listing of City of Racine sport rules and regulations: Rules and Regulations book. All bats used must have an approved ASA stamp. Banned Bat List. ADULT FALL SOFTBALL REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Adult Team Registration Form.