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adult playing with feces - Breathtaking Blonde Babe Plays Her Adult Toys

Jul 11,  · Playing With Feces. Source(s): 1 0. Nobody. 10 years ago. I forget the name for it. It is a response to severe trauma and abuse, and sexual abuse. Do not hesitate to seek competent professional help. Not all therapists are created equal and make sure the one you choose has in-depth (more than a scattered handful of. When voluntary encopresis results from a power struggle between child and adult, it is treated with behavior modification. In addition to taking the steps listed above to ensure a soft, pain-free stool, the adult should make toileting a pleasant, pressure-free activity.

Adult Fecal Smearing We have a woman who continually smears her feces all over bathroom stalls and slides her shoes and underwear in the fecal and then will clean then or throw them away. It's been difficult to get eye witnesses and to prove this case but we have much circumstancal evidence of this person's activities. Two aspects. I've been catching my son, who is 12, playing with his feces after he has used the bathroom. He will reach into the toliet and touch it, break it apart, etc. I'm not % what all he is doing with it, but at least he's not smearing it around the room which I guess is the only blessing in this. Tonight I walked into the bathroom and he's sitting.

May 25,  · When you start talking about elderly, though, it becomes a different ball game. Dementia can do some wacky things, and apparently some people become fascinated with their own feces to a completely non-normal degree. I had a patient who would literally paint himself with his own feces, . Sep 24,  · Most fecal matter sits higher up in your rectum, but anal play can bring on the urge to poop. Pooping before play will allow you to go deeper and help you focus on the task at hand. If .

The neuro-psychiatrist explained to me that although sexuality is one of the last things to go, this manifestation is often indicative of reverting back to a one and a half to two year old stage where children are touching their genitalia because it feels good and show what adults might call an obsession with their poop because they feel they are losing something from their bodies.