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adult oriented businesses - Oriental-throatie - At two different times! (Point-of-View)

Adult-Oriented Businesses are linked to increases in the crime rates in those areas in which they are located and in surrounding areas. Both the proximity of Adult-Oriented Businesses to sensitive land uses and the concentration of Adult-Oriented Businesses tend to result in blight and deterioration of the areas in which they are located. No adult-oriented business shall be permitted to operate, engage in, conduct or carry on business within the city unless the owner of the business first obtains an adult-oriented business permit and a business license from the city.

The act prescribes the rules and regulations that adult-oriented businesses must follow, and the adult-oriented establishment board (created by the county) is empowered to adopt additional rules and to suspend and revoke the licenses of adult-oriented businesses. In addition, first offenders may be fined up to $ It is the purpose of this chapter to regulate adult-oriented businesses in order to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the City, and to establish reasonable and uniform regulations to prevent the deleterious location and concentration of adult-oriented businesses within the City.

“Adult-oriented business” means an adult service business including but not limited to an adult arcade, adult bookstore, adult video facility, adult live entertainment establishment, adult motion picture theater, adult theater, massage establishment or nude model studio.