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What are MySpace Zaps? Zaps are like an evolved version of emoticons, they support an animated graphic as well as accompanying sound and text. Once added, you can send a Zap to your contacts in MySpace IM chats. As of right now, you can not send Zaps in the MySpaceIM chat room. MySpace Zaps Help. We'll be adding a help section shortly. Myspace instant messenger allows you to add emotions & zaps to its emotions zap library, you can add any Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, ICO, GIF animated files & give it a text shortcut to work it as a Myspace IM emotions or zaps. Click on the Myspace IM File menu then click on .

Apr 06,  · Hey Ev1!!!!! Hows it goin, my Fiance' & I are feelin a Lil' froggy & just was wanderin where we could find the dang ole Zaps at??? we found some on But it's full of a Bunch of BS & now his PC is actin, do any of U Know if there are any LEGIT & BullChit FREE sites out there, where we can get them??? Please Help us Much Thanks!!!! Jun 22,  · For a zap, you will also be prompted to select an image, along with a sound and some text to go along with it (think of a zap as an enhanced emoticon). After you select an image, just fill out the rest of the info in the box that appears - it will look something like this picture.

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Dec 12,  · Body zaps It feels as if you experienced a sudden strong zap, tremor, vibration, or jolt in your body. You also may feel like your body just received an electrical jolt or zap. While it wasn’t burning or hot, your body jolted or experienced an intense tremor for a moment. ZAPS organizira pripravljalni seminar pred jesenskim rokom za strokovni izpit, s poudarkom na novi gradbeni zakonodaji (GZ, ZAID, ZUreP-2) in pripravi OPPN, ki bo potekal od ponedeljka 7. 9. do srede 9. 9. od in do / ure.

Zaps are one of the coolest additions to MySpace IM! Get your contact's attention with these free MySpace IM Zaps!