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Effective Adult Learning Practices Knowing a little about how adults learn can also make you a more effective teacher. Adults learn in the same way children do but have special needs and requirements as students. Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in adult learning, based his work on the concept of andragogy (the art and science of how adults learn). The theories and practices are based on long-standing research and data with regard to effective ways to train adults in any learning environment. Some you may be familiar with, others may be new to you. We believe learning is best accomplished as a social activity, .

Best Practices in Learning This page is devoted to practical applications of adult learning theory. It’s geared to those who do • staff training • community legal education for clients. Benchmark Learning Philosophy Guidelines for Participation: Future additions will include case studies as well as learning modules and performance tools. May 24,  · Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in adult education, popularized the concept of five teaching strategies for adults, which states that students learn best when: Adults understand why something is important to know or do. Adults have the freedom to learn in their own way.

You should understand that adult learners may need time to adjust to using adult learning techniques. Balancing what engagement strategies you use with the overall goal for your presentation will help ensure effective adult learning. (Concepts from .