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adult jag fan fiction - Momma Wants These Fictional Fuckers

TV Shows: JAG fanfiction archive with over 5, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. NOminated for the JAG FANFICtion awards- Rating: ADULT GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Pairing: Harm/Mac (kinda) Warnings: Romance, Shipper (maybe), ANGST ALERT! If you don't like the idea of Harm standing up for himself with Mac, then you won't like this. So if you read it anyway and don't like it, please don't send me nasty emails about it.

JAG Boys Club 5: by JAGSlashLady Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 28 ] Featured Stories Summary: Victor's pov about working at JAG with so many good looking men. Fandoms: J.A.G. Characters: Harm, AJ, Clay, Victor, Jason, Mic, Brumby. JAG GENERAL AND ADULT HETERO FICTION. DISCLAIMERS: The characters do not belong to us, but the stories do. Money does not enter into this, just love of the adventure.

Harm/Harriet Fics Pages Updated 10 August New site design and navigation Author's note: If you read these stories and then write me about how 'horrible' they were because you're a Harm/Mac shipper, be prepared to be flamed and labelled a 'villiage idiot'. If you don't like Harm being paired with anyone but Mac, then these stories are not for you. Free men and women, kajirae, and kajiri enliven Home Stones stretching from the icy northlands to the Southern Plains, and from Thassa to the Barrens. Prepare for love, sex, combat, fan fiction, spirited discussions, dances, songs, celebrations, and sorrows.

Jan 25,  · JAG Fanfic: Welcome to my JAG fanfiction page. Most of this has a focus on Harm and Mac and their relationship (or lack thereof), but you'll find a few non-shipper stories here as well as the Elemental series, which focuses on the Rabb and Webb dynamic. If you're interested, I have made some JAG collages here and you can find my reviews of season 9 and 10 over here. So I'm going to use this site as repository for my JAG fanfic. I'm a one-time H/M shipper, so some of my stories have that pairing. That being said, I also write other pairings. So beware. I hope you enjoy what I've done here and come back to check for new stories and updates. Thank you.

THe JAG2 Series - Follows Harm in his return to the Navy and JAG Episode 1 posted! Pairings: Harm/Jen Rating: AO ***** Happy Birthday, Commander Rabb - Takes place in an AU season 10, when Mac is still pushing Harm away and Mattie has just left. Harm is feeling a little down and lonely due to those facts and that it's his birthday. adult, and I’m sorry I brought it up. I just wish everything wasn’t so damn confrontational.” “I’m trying, Sarah, and he is, too. I hate to be the one to say it out loud, but the fact is, Harm and I are never going to be best pals. We come from very different worlds.”.