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NC May not be read by anyone under the age of Stories may contain full and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse, explicit descriptions of nudity and/or strong language. Graphic violence could also earn a story an NC rating. Small stories, alternate endings, dreams, poems, feelings. This is the most exhaustive list of movies that have been rated NC since the rating began in Included on the list are: 1) movies that have an NC rating; 2) movies that were initially rated NC and then rerated R upon editing or appeal; 3) movies that were initially rated NC and then were withdrawn from the rating procedure and distributed as an unrated.

Title: Echoes on AO3 Author: circular_time Rating: Explicit/Adult Pairing(s)/Character(s): Five/Nyssa Spoilers: Refers to the Doctor's heroic self-sacrifice in Mawdryn Undead, but you don't need to know classic Who to read this.(Takes place the night before Nyssa's final TV serial). Summary: The Doctor and Nyssa go exploring deep in the TARDIS to clear their heads after a harrowing adventure. Oct 03,  · Elu Meril - Elu Meril is a personal site created for housing my Lord of the Rings NC slash fiction. It has since evolved into a house for more then that, but still its main purpose is Fanfiction and the whole site shows that with the LotR design.

(NC) Buffy reflects on her relationship with Spike as he makes love to her. The Taste of BuffySeptember 7, (NC) Spike can't get the memory of Buffy and her "taste" out of his head, so he pays her an impromptu visit. Walking After Midnight (NC)Buffy is injured while fighting a demon and finds herself paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Rating: NC Summary: Tara decides she can never trust Willow ever again and Buffy realizes Tara needs special protection. Destiny's Entwined. Grouping: Buffy/Tara/Faith. Rating: NC Summary: New slayer arrives on the scene, a bleached blonde vampire re-appears and the Vessel with her two warriors cause headaches for all of demon kind.

Peter Greenaway's insane post-apocalyptic film was either NC or unrated in the United States, I'm not sure which. It does feature a man being more or less forced to eat a dead man's penis, plus. Rating: NC Warnings: Explicit Sex, Discussion-Child Abuse, Discussion-Murder, Summary: The corruption of magic leads Ragnok Windrider, Chieftain of the Dverger Horde, to choose a path into the past. Saving Harry Potter from himself and Dumbledore will alter the fate of his people and the fabric of the magical world. Continue reading.

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