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Oct 06,  · What is a learning disability assessment for adults? An LD assessment is a gathering of relevant information about an individual’s areas of strengths and challenges to determine whether or not he or she may have a learning disability. Find out how dyslexia is diagnosed in adults. There are many resources that can help you find specialists in your area. That includes local chapters of the Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA), an Understood founding partner. You can also learn about tools like assistive technology (AT) for reading and writing.

Dec 16,  · Learning Disabilities in Adults Could you be an adult with a learning disability? The Learning Disabilities Association of America offers guidance about the screening process for learning disabilities in the adult workforce. 2  A LD screening can only be performed by a qualified professional. Aug 07,  · Learning disabilities are neurological disabilities that affect information processing. They may affect how a person learns, understands, communicates, and remembers information. Adults with LD may have been born with their disability, or they may have acquired it later in life. LD affects men and women equally.