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Apr 30,  · An active adult community is targeted towards people of 55 years of age or older. Often described as a viable alternative to single-family ownership, these communities provide residents with maintenance-free living, close proximity to desirable attractions, and . Definition of "Adult community" Susan Ferra, Real Estate Agent People's Choice Realty Housing projects specifically designed to meet the community needs of the increasing number of individuals who are largely retired, having no small children.

Active adult communities are real estate developments that offer independent, relatively maintenance-free living to residents aged 55 and over. In “age restricted” active adult communities, 80% of homeowners must be 55 and over, while “age-targeted” communities simply market to . Use of the word “adult” or “adult community” in an advertisement, sign or other informational material, or when describing the facility or community to prospective renters or purchasers or members of the public, does not demonstrate an intent to be housing for older persons as defined by the final rule.

The term adult community or 55+ does not means that all residents need to be over 55 years of age or older. The law says that only one person 55 years of age or older must reside in each home and no one under 18 can live in the home. That means ownership has File Size: KB. Apr 07,  · Enter the age-restricted community. They go by a variety of names – plus, independent living, active-adult and more – and they’re the only legal exception to fair housing laws that prevent discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or family status.

Community: A sense of community is important no matter where you live, but especially when you choose to live in an active adult community. But it’s not something that just happens—it takes the right builder, the right location, and the right residents to make a just-right sense of community—like the ones you’ll experience in Tribute. Most communities, in keeping with the spirit of an active adult neighborhood, will try to maintain the age-restriction in % of the households. But this, of course, varies by community. Although some boards and covenants have strict regulations regarding adult children living with their parents in a 55+ community, some have relaxed their.

Adult. A person who by virtue of attaining a certain age, generally eighteen, is regarded in the eyes of the law as being able to manage his or her own affairs. The age specified.