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Adult cinema in Soho, central London. In this seedy alley, there are sex shops, DVD shops, live sex shows and all manner of pornographic offerings. Soho continues to be the centre of the sex industry in London, and features numerous licenced sex shops. There is a clip joint on Tisbury Court and an adult cinema . Adult Venues in London - Find Adult Venues in London with All In London. Use our London Clubs and Bars section to help plan your perfect night out in London.

Oct 27,  · The cinema, situated at the Ditto gallery in Islington, will be London’s only erotic cinema, despite the fact that Soho was once chocka with them. Holroyd told the Evening Standard: “When we. Nowadays London’s better cinemas can stretch from a £ flick in a screen for two hundred (except you and the teenagers necking in the back are the only ones there), to a plush velvet sofa with a cashmere blanket and Champagne for two. Both have their moments.